Breaking Up Warning Signs

Verbal Clues

A relationship that is dwindling will usually have a lack of communication or communication problems in general. There are a few telltale signs that something just isnt right.

  • Your partner tells you, Im too busy, even when you know it isn’t true. Spending more time with friends or doing trivial things to avoid you are also indicators.
  • Less frequent phone calls and text messages. Excuses are made to get off the phone quickly and messages arent returned promptly.
  • Your partner tells you that he or she needs space, or wants to take a break, yet you continue to be stringed along.
  • You are no longer introduced to other people as the “girlfriend” or “boyfriend.” You no longer have this special and important distinction at social functions.
  • Your partner never talks about the future or discusses things you plan to do together.

We all have been broken up with at some point. I know I have and when I look back at the relationship, I can see where all these signs were. One of the biggest signs out there are when bad behavior such as acting disrespectful and or cheating on you. Trust me, just get out of the relationship at this point. I made the mistake before of just thinking that he still loved me and that we were just going through a bad season. This is not so though! This is the biggest sign that the relationship is at a no return for true happiness. Once disrespect sets in, things just keep traveling downward!

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo
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